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Community Network Breakfast/Dinners

The Community Networking Breakfast/Dinners is a model that The Denver Foundation and Gabriela Jacobo, brought back from Cleveland. Gabriela started these events and asked for community collaborators to partner with her. The breakfast/dinners are to create a space for neighbors (residents) to come together and discuss their priorities and take action.

Each month a meeting is held. The host determines the location and time. 2040 facilitates the meetings by organizing the host, location, provides the food, beverages, creates the agenda and the flow of the meeting.

During these meetings community members talk about what is happening or being offered around town. Each individual is allowed time to speak about the project they are currently working on and are able to give more information to parties that are interested. Those parties then take back the information to their organizations and spread the word to other community members or interested parties. 

The information/projects being shared is a wide variety of subjects. Such as hospitals that are giving lectures, Non-profits offering services, schools newly opening, after school programs, offering of free supplies and help for different groups of community members (new mothers, homeless, ow income families).

2040 shares the flyer for the upcoming meeting a couple weeks before on their facebook page and through email. If a community member would like to be added to the email list please send a email to

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